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Many investors also seek to protect their wealth and assets against inflation. Banks offer an interest rate on time-deposits which are generally below the inflation rate, resulting in a loss of value. True Rock offers a great alternative to bank deposits and also a source of broad diversification. As a fixed-income fund, True Rock seeks protection against inflation with potentially higher long-term returns than those available with bank deposits. *ACC (Accumulating) – Non-dividend shares with capital gains tax withholding.

  Min. Max.
Investments in € 80% 100%
Fixed Income Investment Grade 70% 100%
Fixed Income Aa3-Rating or better 50% 100%
Money Market Instruments 0% 49%
Certificates 0% 10%
F/X 0% 20%
Mutual Fund interests (UCITS, CIU) 0% 10%

True Rock (EUR)

Fund Manager FAME Investments PLC    
Custodian Erste Asset Management Ltd ISIN (ACC) (EUR) AT0000A09V98
Inception Date 1 July 2008    

*ACC: Accumulating

True Rock is an open-end UCITS mutual fund, incorporated in Austria in accordance with the 2011 Austrian Investment Fund Act.

The investments made by this financial product do not consider EU guidance on sustainable investments.


Basisinformationsblatt (BIB)(GBR)


Basisinformationsblatt (BIB)(EUR)