Mutual Funds - Global Flexible Strategy II

Global Flexible Strategy II pursues an opportunistic approach and requires a minimum investment of $ 250.000,-. It is most suitable for investors operating without constraints and able to sustain short- to medium-term market volatility. As a blended fund Global Flexible Strategy II provides investors one of the most versatile means to take advantage of bargain opportunities.

  Min. Max.
Financial Instruments 51% 100%
Derivates 0% 49%
Cash and equivalents* 0% 49%
Mutual fund interests (UCITS, CIU) 0% 10%

*Daily Liquidity assured

Global Flexible Strategy II (USD)

Fund Manager FAME Investments PLC    
Custodian Erste Asset Management GmbH ISIN (A) (EUR) AT0000A2PDK7
    ISIN (T) (EUR) AT0000A2PDL5
    ISIN (T) (EUR) AT0000A2PDM3
Inception Date 27 February 2021    

Global Flexible Strategy II is an open-end mutual fund, incorporated in Austria in accordance with the 2011 Austrian Investment Fund Act.

The investments made by this financial product do not consider EU guidance on sustainable investments.



Basisinformationsblatt (BIB)