Global Dividend Strategy Fund (GDSF)

The Global Dividend Strategy Fund aims to achieve above-average, ongoing distributions at portfolio level. There is also significant potential for price gains. The investment universe comprises large-cap, stock exchange listed companies from the regions of North America and Europe. Thanks to this specific orientation of the fund strategy, a lower volatility is expected compared to conventional share market portfolios. At the same time, the fund is suitable as a so-called "core investment," i.e. it can be used as a key building block for a global share market portfolio. The minimum investment volume is EUR 250,000.

Global Dividend Strategy Fund (GDSF)

  Min. Max.
Shares, listed 51% 100%
Bonds 0% 49%
Money, Money market instruments 0% 49%
Derivates (for hedge and speculation purpose) 0% 49%
Shares in investment funds (UCITS, CIU) 0% 10%


Global Dividend Strategy Fund (Tranches) 

Fund Manager FAME Investments AG    
   Distributor ISIN (A) (EUR) AT0000A2U2S6
   Accumulator ISIN (T) (EUR) AT0000A2U2T4
   Full accumulator (overseas) ISIN (T) (EUR) AT0000A2U2U2
   Full accumulator (overseas) ISIN (T) (USD) ² AT0000A2U2V0
Inception Date 22th of November 2021    

² The share value shall be calculated in EUR and converted, where applicable, for currency ISINs (security code numbers) for the respective ISIN.

Ongoing charges: up to 2%

The shown "ongoing charges" are a cost estimation. As the Fund was set up on 22nd November of 2021, no reference data are yet available. The "ongoing charges" are calculated for the first time by the end of the calculation year 31st of October 2022.

Cut-off time: daily at 10:00 am.

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